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 “I Love cooking with SOUL and it brings me JOY to GIVE GREAT PORTIONS as well as FLAVORFUL food. I have a passion for people and bringing joy to them through cooking.” 


Dr. Shell


About Chef Shell

Chef Dr. Shell is a private chef and caterer, an author, and a mother of three beautiful adult children and the “Mimi” to an adorable two-year-old.


Chef Dr. Shell has been featured in Authority Magazine, Shoutout Atlanta and Black Profits. 


Before launching her personal chef, cooking classes, and catering service she had been cooking for her family and friends for over thirty years while also working fulltime as an IT professional. 

How it all started 

Born in Jacksonville, Florida but raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Chef Dr. Shell began her culinary career in her Grandmother’s (Mary Lee Tyler’s) kitchen. Then as her family expanded she learned more about cooking with fresh and homegrown vegetables and how to marinate and season meats with love.


Chef Dr. Shell is passionate about cooking and loves her family and the people in her community. This passion has encouraged her to bring them joy through food and cooking. Her inspiration comes from visualizing that person tasting the first bite of one of her meals and being transported back to a time when they are able to connect with the energy and love from their Great Great Grandmother when she used to cook for them as a child. The recipes and tradition of cooking with love were passed down to her from her Grandmother Mary, Aunt Gussie, and Grandma Penn. She feels blessed to come from a legacy of women with full hearts and she feels charged to share this tradition with the world through the meals she prepares. Chef considers everyone who has Dr. Shells Soul Food Cooking to be friends and family so much so that she is blessed to share her gifts with you all.


Her Vision

She prides herself on empowering women and being engaged in uplifting the community. She is also an advocate for being a lifelong learner and continuously building knowledge. If there’s any skill you want and desire to improve upon, it is her belief that you have to commit the time to learn and grow until you reach your goals. Currently being formally trained at Escoffier, where she is immersed in the techniques of Spanish, Asian, and French cuisine. It is her desire to infuse these styles into her Soul Food Dishes to continuously offer her clients a unique experience. In the future Chef desires to have her own culinary school to teach young mothers how to cook and turn their skills into a business. For now, she hopes you continue to support her journey and stay tuned for everything that's coming!

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Finally, there is a soul food cookbook with the most authentic southern recipes to fill you up and make your taste buds happy. These are the types of Soul Food that will satisfy your hunger and urges to add some sugar in your life. 😉.

My cookbook and journal includes over 20 of my most requested recipes,  From warm collard greens and tender fried chicken to buttery cornbread and sweet iced tea, you can trust Dr. shells to bring the soulful flavors of the South to you:

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