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Why I Love Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving because:

First, it's the FOOD for me!

Some of my favorite Thanksgiving Dishes are BBQ Turkey Wings, Praline Ham, Mac and Cheese, Peach Cobbler, and Cornbread. And I just love the smell of Sweet Potatoe Pies. For about 30 years, I have been the designated cook for all of our Family Holiday Celebrations.

turkey wings; ham; mac and cheese

Second, I love the change of the season. Right now the oranges, the yellows, and maroon. The way the leaves change colors and the cool breeze leads us to swap out the summer tank tops, short sleeves shirts and dresses for hoodies, scarves gloves, and I get to pull out my boots and sweater dresses.

Then, comes the period of reflection and this is so important for me to be able to take a moment to pause and block out all of the outside noise from my day-to-day life. I am Thankful every day, but especially during Thanksgiving, I use this period to reflect on Family, Friends, and Life. Cooking for Thanksgiving dinner, makes me reflect on the Holidays during my childhood as well and how we would spend time in Jacksonville, Florida with my grandmother.

Next, it's my love of cooking! I love cooking for my family and friends. The way their faces light up and how they describe my dishes just warms my heart so much.

The last thing and what I love most is the time we get to spend together. We come together to eat and to talk about what's going on in our lives and we get to tell stories from the past. I remember last year my daughter Essence asked my Mother about her Mom and Grandmother and we learned more about my maternal grandmother's side of the family. Without moments like this, we don't always take the opportunity to learn about our family history with our busy schedules or check in with each other mentally and emotionally as much as we should on a regular.

Thanksgiving is about love, being thankful, and relishing in the life we have. The moments where I am surrounded by my mother, my sisters, my children, my nephew, my grandson, and my daughter in love are the most precious.

I hope you enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends. Thanks for reading my blog post.

Bless a loved one with my "Soul Food Cookbook and Journal" and All-Purpose Seasoning this Holiday Season. The recipes in my cookbook are just what they need to elevate each of your meals to the next level!

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