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MEET CHEF SHELL! Owner of Atlanta’s Absolute, Best Black-Owned Catering Business!

brunch by atlanta Chef Shell

Picture this. Slide-off-the-bone tender ribs, magical, melt-in-your mouth macaroni, and cheese, and a beautiful helping of perfectly seasoned collard greens.

Or what about a picturesque Sunday afternoon with fluffy pancakes, hot flavorful bacon, insatiable charcuterie boards, and decadent desserts, from the best catered brunch Atlanta has to offer sound?

Well Dr. Shell has just the Soul Food Cooking if you’re looking!

MEET CHEF SHELL! Owner of Atlanta’s Absolute, Best Black-Owned Catering Business!

Dr. Shell's Soul Food Cooking is a black owned private chef and catering business in Atlanta, GA. She offers high-quality service for a variety of clientele. Chef has created beautiful culinary experiences for her community, corporate events, and also some notable celebrities. She specializes in catering for all types of events and celebrations from weddings, to birthdays, and even anniversaries. But it doesn’t stop there. Chef Shell also offers weekly meal prep services, personalized chef experiences, cooking classes for those looking to elevate their skills in the kitchen, and EVEN offers coaching, and consulting services for aspiring chefs, and caterers!

Chef Shell has a stellar reputation for providing delicious food, and reputable service. Her soul food style reminds you of that old school cooking, but with a unique soulful twist.

Her meal prep service has helped many stay on track in pursuing their weight loss, and health goals. She also provided food for many families who just want the convenience of a delicious home-cooked meal without the hassle! The meals are personalized, and customized to meet your needs. All meals can be conveniently picked up or delivered.

Chef’s unique personalized chef experience, Should truly be on your “Things to try in Atlanta Bucket List”. This service allows clients to enjoy a restaurant-style experience right in their own home! Except only better. You’ll have the opportunity to watch Chef Shell prepare your meal, and serve it up to you piping hot, and fresh! It truly sets the perfect atmosphere for any celebration: anniversaries, birthdays, or even Valentine’s day!

Furthermore, those looking to further their culinary skills how about a one-on-one class with one of the greatest chefs that came out of the South?! That’s right. Chef Shell will personally teach you how to become a magician in the kitchen. She’ll share her homegrown knowledge, as well as teach cooking techniques that would impress family, friends, and colleagues alike. Don’t forget, Chef Shell earned a culinary degree from the prestigious “Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts”, so her knowledge expands well beyond Soul food. Looking to prepare Greek, Mexican, or even Caribbean cuisines? Chef Shell has it all covered!

So stop looking, and start booking! Chef Shell is guaranteed to make any, and every occasion a memorable one! Touching lives, just a lil soul food at a time ✨

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